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“Personal exceptionalism is a feeling that one is not like other people. For some reason, a person believes that he is special and better than everyone else — that he is apart and above. The exceptional person has more than a grand view of himself — he has a grandiose one.” — The Leading Geeks Company

Recently, a family member asked me how he can legalize the status of his new bride, who is in the United States on a tourist visa.

My heart sank.

For years, I have been campaigning on behalf of…

Soy activista y escritora y mi última campaña se trata de las elecciones senatoriales en el estado de Georgia. La única manera que vamos a lograr una reforma migratoria es con los demócratas en el poder.

Por eso mi organización feminista UltraViolet ( sacaron anuncios radiales en Georgia apoyando a los candidatos Jon Ossoff y Raphael Warnock.

Pueden escuchar los anuncios en el siguiente comunicado de prensa. ¡Además salimos por la agencia EFE! Pueden leer ese artículo aquí. ¡Gracias!


PARA PUBLICACIÓN INMEDIATA: martes, 15 de diciembre de 2020

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UltraViolet PAC y Nuestro…

Combating Racism Starts With Us As Parents

What an intense week! Well, you all know that.

I have particularly felt it on two fronts — as a worker and as a mother. As I work at a women’s rights organization, we obviously land on recognizing the humanity and rights of everyone, not just those who have traditionally held power. We went on an all-out offensive on behalf of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT worker in Louisville who was killed by police in her own home.

Breonna was shot eight times in the middle of the night by police who were…

Carmen Perez, Founding Co-Chair of the U.S. Women’s March
Carmen Perez, Founding Co-Chair of the U.S. Women’s March

Author’s Note: I have been reading Latina feminist texts since high school, when a debate coach had gifted me with a Barnes & Noble gift card. In my 40s, following a divorce, I had the great privilege of re-reading those texts, and writing a book. While my book, ¡Presente! Latinx Power Remaking Democracy, is about U.S. Latinx organizing in general, I am running this excerpt on the birth of Latina feminism, and how it inspired the present-day Women’s March. — Elisa Batista

“A woman who writes has power, and a woman with power is feared.”

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the will and endurance of everyone, now that everyone must bunker together, and socially distance themselves from all other loved ones. For those who depend on the support of communities like 12-step programs, the pandemic creates the ripest of conditions for despair and relapse.

As a recovering alcoholic and co-dependent, I can say that strength and hope is possible during the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation. Ever since my home state of California went on lockdown at the beginning of March, I have dilligently — although not always perfectly! …

A Social Movement to Professionalize Volunteer Positions

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Par for the course, friends regularly ask me to post their petitions, donations, and other actions or campaigns their workplaces — non-profit organizations — undertake. These requests for aid are in addition to requests by my children’s schools for volunteer hours and donations, homeless people in the street with placards, newsletters requesting donations to keep their newsrooms afloat, personal GoFundMe accounts, and more.

I have decided that enough is enough, and am saying no to every request of my time and money, even if it is a one-click petition or a tweet.


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In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. economy is hemorrhaging millions of jobs with more than 60 percent of the laid off women. The staggering job losses, which are expected to reach Depression-era numbers of over 25 percent due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, do not include the already unemployed and underemployed, which number tens of millions of Americans, again, largely women. The job search website found that 90 percent of the most underemployed majors were dominated by women.

As a long-time community organizer in women’s rights, I have an idea: Why not share…

At a time when health officials are calling for social isolation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, or “Coronavirus”, I have not felt this miserable since spending my first holiday alone as a newly divorced woman.

While I value some alone time, I become a depressed and needy girl when too much time passes without any human interaction. I am both unemployed and without a partner, and my two kids are teenagers who want nothing to do with me, so I must reach out to others to not die a slow and lonely death. lolz.

Thankfully, my friends, who are…

NOTE: I originally posted this piece at Daily Kos on February 25, 2020, in advance of Super Tuesday. While Vice President Biden unexpectedly cleaned house on Super Tuesday, my point remains in that he lost the Latino vote to Bernie Sanders in delegate-rich prizes such as Texas and California for the reasons I lay out below. —Elisa

I am no pollster, political pundit, or even a political science major. What I am is a tired, underemployed and unmarried middle-aged mother, exactly the person who is qualified to say without reservation that Senator Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination and…

Photo credit: U.S. Supreme Court website
Photo credit: U.S. Supreme Court website

Friday food for thought: all of the male U.S. Supreme Court justices are married, while none of the women are. There are reasons for that, which I thought of, as our amazing Spanish immersion school is hosting Justice Sonia Sotomayor — who is about to release a new children’s book! Our school community is small and with many Latinx families so it’s a milestone and source of pride for us.

As a newly divorced mom, I’ve been seeking other divorced people like Sotomayor as both inspiration and an example for my daughter. …

Elisa Batista

A Bay Area-based journalist and digital organizer whose writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, Wired News, Daily Kos, & more. Opinions my own!

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